How to Get Rid of Upper Back Fat

Get rid of upper back fat is not an easy thing to do if you happen to have a tendency to accumulate fat in that area. However, there is usually a lot that you can do to melt away even the most stubborn fat you may be carrying. I hope this article will help you find those ways.

Let me start your journey towards a leaner back by talking a bit about upper back exercises. A lot of people focus on these exercises in the hope that this will help them get rid of upper back fat.

How to Get Rid of Upper Back Fat

How to Get Rid of Upper Back Fat

Get Rid of Upper Back Fat

This is not accurate. Targeted exercises can’t help you eliminate fat from a specific body part. Not even the best back exercises such as pull ups, lat pulldowns, chin-ups, and so on will help you lose back fat. They can help you to tone your muscles and build strength. The body parts you will lose fat from are not under your control by doing targeted exercises.

However, these upper back exercises will come in handy once you begin to melt away the stubborn fat as the lean muscle beneath will show more prominently.

To get rid of back fat, lower and upper, you need to focus on burning off the most body fat possible. This can be done by working out in special ways that lead to more fat burning. Some of these techniques include:


Doing one exercise after the other without rest. This leads to more fat burning.

Circuit training

Doing a strength exercise and using the rest time between sets to do a short burst of cardio such as jumping rope or a sprint on the treadmill.

High intensity

Interval training: Doing cardio at changing paces, pushing yourself hard for 1-2 minutes and then slowing down to a medium pace for 1-2 minutes more. Do this small cycle over and over and you’ll be able to burn more body fat in general and back fat in particular in a shorter period of time.

More advanced techniques you can use to accelerate your fat burning rate include:

Neural fat loss training

This is a workout technique that combines accurate exercise form and technique with special combinations of exercises that enhance and improve the neural connections in your body and accelerate fat burning and muscle growth. This is an advanced technique that’s still new but shows a lot of promise for people with stubborn fat to shed.

In general, to get rid of back fat, focus on hard workouts, give it your all at the gym, and make sure to train your entire body, not just your back.

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