How to Get Big Biceps – 5 Tips For Explosive Biceps, Fast!

How to get big biceps? The question on every beginner/intermediate weight lifter’s lips and it’s easy to see why!

If you’re a casual lifter, obviously having big biceps looks great in a short sleeve t-shirt! If you’re lifting more seriously, your biceps can really set you apart from the crowd and ALL the great champions of the past had fantastic biceps including Arnold Schwarzenegger!

So clearly, you’re faced with a problem – Your biceps are not growing..or they have grown a bit and then stopped.
Follow these tips below and you’ll be straight back on the train to muscle town and have explosive biceps in no time!

How to Get Big Biceps Tips For Explosive Biceps

How to Get Big Biceps

How to Get Big Biceps – 5 Tips For Explosive Biceps, Fast!

Exercise Selection

There is certain exercise that must be included as pure mass builders and for maximum muscle recruitment that covers the two heads of the biceps.

The most basic bread and butter biceps exercise is the standing barbell curl. Where you are standing with feet around hip/shoulder width apart or in a split stance, keeping your elbows close to your sides you take an underhand grip and curl the barbell up towards your shoulders then slowly lower to the start position.

Focus on keeping your shoulder blades pinned back and the only joint moving should be the elbow joint for maximum bicep recruitment.

As well as barbell curls, you may also include the following exercises for maximum effectiveness in my experience. Preacher curls, incline dumbell curls and hammer curls. These are all variation of the barbell curl. If you’re unsure how they are performed, ask the trainer at your gym who will know.


OK, I’m not an advocate of changing your workout every single week to try and “shock” the body but you need to realize that the body is a very adaptive machine and in about 3-4 weeks it will have adapted to your current workout!

I have seen the best results of my life now by cycling my workouts every 4-6 weeks – If you are still progressing, then by all means continue but I would never continue the same program for more than 8 weeks.
What can you vary? The world is your oyster! Rest periods, repetition speed, number of sets, repetition type (21’s, rest/pause, negatives etc), bodypart splits etc.

I wouldn’t deviate much from the exercises in Step 1 as I’ve found the most effective but you can occasionally swap one for something else.

Bottom line? Change things up when your results get stale!

Try training biceps on their own.

Commonly, most people’s split includes training biceps after their back. Now, this isn’t necessarily wrong and even I’ve seen great results with this but try training biceps with triceps or chest and biceps.
The problem might be that your biceps aren’t getting enough stimulation after heavy pulling movements for the back that wear your forearms out.

This variation could kick-start your gains.

Training Frequency

here is a fine line between overtraining or under training. Overtrain and you tend to plateau, under the train and you also tend to regress before progressing back to square 1.

I try to keep an eye on this during my program by measuring my arms. Small changes indicate to me whether I am overtraining/ under training my arms or not.

If they get smaller before my next bicep workout, I tend to feel like I undertrained. If they don’t get even fractionally bigger over the course of my 4-6 week program, I know I probably overtrained. (Or the program wasn’t that effective for my arms at least)

Either way, always keeping track of your progress will allow you to make adjustments and keep gaining! You must do it!

Grab yourself a muscle building program

You may think you know enough about muscle building but how about a second opinion from someone who has proven knowledge? You can never learn enough, right?

I’m not talking about a muscle building program where you just follow one program either. I’m talking about a complete program including meal plans, workouts, theory, supplement guide etc.

There are some muscle building programs that are pure garbage but the ones that are good are like gold dust and will show you how to get big biceps and big muscles full-stop!

I hope this article has gone some way to help you understand how to get big biceps! Follow these simple steps and you’ll explode your arm growth!

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