How to Build Chest Muscles? 4 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Want to know how to build chest muscles? This is obviously what most men want-but it’s those washboard abs that continue to allude most.

How to Build Chest Muscles? 4 Mistake Must Avoid

How to Build Chest Muscles? 4 Mistake Must Avoid

It’s not their fault

Buying expensive supplements and paying for a personal trainer will do nothing but make you go broke-with NOTHING to show or your efforts.

How to Build Chest Muscles? 4 Mistake Must Avoid

When you workout the right way it can happen EXTREMELY fast. But you first have to be educated about the 3 myths out there so you know which information you must avoid-this will make or break your efforts.

#1) You need expensive TV equipment

This is absolutely false. Using this equipment is NOT how to build muscles and are a waste of time and money.

#2) You need to do 1000’s of crunches

This is one I see so many people wasting time on. Don’t get me wrong-crunches do work-but they are FAR from the best workout for getting ripped.

Why not?

They are NOT targeted workout-there are 3 elements to the abs and crunches just targets all of them. Specific exercises are the most effective.

#3) You need supplements to get ripped

Wrong again. Trust me, even if you have the best supplement out there it will make very little difference–diet and exercise are FAR and away the biggest determinant to your fitness success.

#4) You must gorge yourself with protein

This might be the most damaging of all. Sure you need protein–everybody knows that. But you don’t need anywhere close to the quantities recommended.

In fact, overdoing it will actually cause your fat percentage to increase–and even if you are successful at building muscle, it will be covered by a nice thick layer of fat.

What are the best foods?

Fruits and vegetables. Why? Because these “flush” and keep your digestive system running… and therefore are great for burning fat. Avoiding these 3 myths is how to build chest muscles NOW.

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