Body Builder Back Exercises – What Beginners Should Know

One of the most important and sensitive part of the body is the back area. Back Exercises are not just for rigid types of exercises but it is also vital for anyone to have a strong back for everyday living. When you start a bodybuilding exercise, you will be surprised with the result you will achieve in the long run. According to bodybuilders these days, there are 3 types of important things you need to know to be able to develop your back muscles. Here are some of the most important things you need to know so you will be equipped with the right information:

Body Builder Back Exercises – What Beginners Should Know

Body Builder Back Exercises – What Beginners Should Know


1. Improved width of the upper back or traps.

2. You will have a wider lats.

3. You will achieve a defined back.

As a newcomer in the bodybuilding activity, you need to equip yourself with the right information so you will not suffer later on. These 5 vital workout activities are important for growing muscles right away:

1. Dumbbell shrugs – this type of exercises will be helpful to your training in developing good traps.

2. Seated v-bar cable rows – this type of exercise will help you improve your entire back.

3. Bent over barbell rows – this type of activity will help you achieve wider and prominent muscles at the back area of your body.

4. Pull-ups – this type of exercise helps a lot of people achieve stronger and well developed back muscles. Through this activity, your intention will be achieved.

5. Pulldowns -this type of exercise will help you have defined lats.

With all these exercises, you will be able to find helpful tips you need to achieve your goal. It is vital for you to take not of your schedule when performing an exercise routine because every part of your body should be appropriately trained. As a start, you need to do a light type of exercises first and don’t jump into hard ones right away. It will be helpful to you if you will make a program that will benefit all parts of your body like what is indicated below:

– Biceps, abs, and back to day 1

– Hamstrings, abs, and shoulders on day 2

– Quads, calves, and forearms on day 3

– Triceps, abs, and chest on the 4th day

What you can do is to complete a set every week but make sure to perform light activities first. Every week, you can add additional load on your exercise activities until you are prepared to perform an extensive training that is meant for intermediate level.

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